Quick Access Reader for MIG-29, SU-22

TAVASZ is a new Quick Access Data Read-out and Express Evaluation System for the Processing for the SU-22 and MIG-29 Flight data.


The SU-22 and MIG 29 fighters are equipped with TESTER type on-board Flight data Recorders (FDR). The old evaluation procedure for the TESTER data requires after every flight and before the next take-off the following steps:

Numerous disadvantages of the old system like mechanical wearing, poor reliability, lengthy and delayed access to acquired data made it inevitable to develop a conception ally new QAR Read-out Unit.

TAVASZ - The New Quick Access Read-out Unit

TAVASZ is based on up-to-date computer technology and combines the Read-out unit with the Express evaluation process.

Evaluation Procedure

Main advantages


The connection to the aircraft is accomplished through the original kerozine resistant reading cable. The New Read-out Unit is powered from either the aircraft when reading TESTER data or from the main data evaluation and archivation computer when copying the acquired data and fast results into it. The copy process uses standard RS232 interface. The Read-out Unit TAVASZ automatically detects connections and starts running the corresponding control software.

The front panel consists of a four-digit 7-segment display, some LED's and three push buttons. The display presents flight time information during reading the TESTER and error codes after the fast evaluation process. The push buttons serve for error code stepping and searching on the TESTER for specific flight records.