Flight- Data Recorder and Evaluating System for Fighters and Helicopter


The SIROM flight- data recorder and evaluating system is designed to record and evaluate flight data and engine parameters by converting the electrical signals from the on-board sensors into digital ones. The digital signals are then recorded in a high capacity solid-state memory module.

After landing, the content of the module can be read out, evaluated and storaged by a computer system. The main technical parameters of the system are given in Appendix 1. The SIROM sytem can be mounted in fighters and helicopters originally equipped with a SARPP data acqisition system.

Version of the SIROM system
Version Type of aircraft
SZIROM-V-75 MIG-21-bis Fighter
SZIROM-V-23 MIG-23 Fighter
SZIROM-L-39 L-39 Trainer
SZIROM-H-24 M1-24 Helicopter
SZIROM-H-17 MI-17 Helicopter
SZIROM-V-6 Any fighter equipped with a SARPP-12 system
SZIROM-H-6 Any helicopter equipped with a SARPP-12 system